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I just mailed out this notice to the Tenant:

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So we filed with the courts and have a court date coming up. Likely this tenant won show up in court. If they have stuff in the house what happens to all that? Do we just put it out by the curb and it the tenant responsiblity to come and get it?

Kel, I am in CT so your experience may vary.

My Case:

On (1/16) if the tenant has not vacated, I go back to court to gather a Summary Process Execution form to give to state marshal where they would post on the door Nike Shox Clearance Womens Size 9

Well, we are having to go through our first eviction process. Tenant didn pay (she on a lease) and also hasn paid the water Nike Shox Roadster Black bill so we get stuck with that I sure. She says she doesn have the money for rent or water. Gave her a 3 day pay or quit. Nike Shox Patent Leather

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Nike Shox Roadster Black

of detail on the Landlord process for OHIO to evict. I am afraid I can find much info so you may have to get a lawyer or spend time with the Court Clerk to understand the process.

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Nike Shox Roadster Black

´╗┐Ohio Eviction Questions

That Google link provided a bit Nike Shox R4 White And Black

YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that on Wednesday, January 16, 2013, at approximately 9:00 (AM) the Owner, Owner's employees or Owner's Agent, will enter the premises to take back possession.

She said she has no place to go and is staying there and told us to "Do what you have to do". The kicker is this gal used to be a landlord herself at one point so she knows the process.

IF YOU HAVE NOT VACATED on Wednesday, January 16, 2013, at approximately 9:00 (AM). We will call the State Marshall to physically remove you from the premises and your possessions and personal effects they will be removed by the marshal and stored your expense.

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indicating a forcible removal from property in 24hrs.

My Process started on 12/11 with Notice to Quit. Keep us posted on your experience. It will be a roller coaster ride, especially with a professional tenant. ;) Just stick to your guns on "non payment of rent" don bend not one bit and once you start the court proceedings do not accept any partial payment as it will negate any current proceedings and you will have to begin all over again with notice to quit.

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I recently (1/9) had a default for failure to appear from the court house for a Tenant not paying rent since November. The tenant has 5 days to get out or the Tenant can prolong the stay up to 3 months if and only if they pay all back rent to the court and continue paying the rent to the court.

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YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that a judgment for immediate possession has been granted on Wednesday, January 9, 2013, you have 5 (five) day Stay of Execution, not counting Sundays, legal holidays, or the date of judgment to be vacated from the premises. Note, the 5 (five) day execution is over on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at midnight.

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